Menstrual cycle influences on voice and speech in adolescent females

ELISEA M. MEURER , VERA GARCEZ, Helena Von Eye Corleta, Edison Capp

Journal of Voice, v. 23, n. 1, p. 109-113, 2009.

Motivo: Produção Corpo Clínico

Setor HMV: Nucleo Reprodução Humana

Área da saúde: Mastologia

Resumo: The objective of this study is to characterize voice intensity and stability of fundamental frequency, formants and diadochokinesis, vocal modulations, rhythms, and speed of speech in adolescents during follicular and luteal phases of the menstrual cycle. Twenty-three adolescent females who were nonusers of oral contraceptives participated in a cross-sectional study of menstrual cycle influences on voicing and speaking tasks. Acoustic analyses were performed during both phases of the menstrual cycle using the Kay Elemetrics Computer Speech Lab Software Package. Data were analyzed using Student's paired sample t test. Phono-articulatory parameters were similar in both phases of the menstrual cycle (fundamental frequency: 192.6+/-23.9 Hz; minimum formant 891.7+/-110.3 Hz; and maximum formant: 2471.5+/-203.6 Hz). In diadochokinesis, they had a speed of 5.6+/-0.6 seg/s and vocal intensity was 61.5+/-2.6 dB. The mean values for the variations in voice modulations were as follows: anger (21.7+/-8.7 Hz)<normal state (23.4+/-12.4 Hz)<sadness (24.9+/-10.5 Hz)<exclamatory sentence (29.3+/-12.4 Hz)<interrogative sentence (33.1+/-12.4 Hz)<happiness (33.3+/-12.1 Hz). Combining both phases of the menstrual cycle, the speed of speech was 5.2+/-0.6 seg/s in meaningful sentences and 1.9+/-0.2 seg/s in meaningless sentences. In conclusion, the adolescents showed similar voice fundamental frequency and intensity, formants, speed of speech, and suprasegmental speech parameters. The results shown in this study may be used as standard of acoustic phono-articulatory for adolescents.

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