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Resilience scores in a cohort of cancer patients in chemotherapy treatment on ambulatory basis

A. F. ferreira Filho, D. l. da Silva, A.P. Wunder, S. Graeff, H A FRIEDRICH, LUCIANE SLOMKA, M. W. Machado, B. Ficher, M. P. dos Santos, S. Greaff

Em: -, 2009, -, v. 7, n. 2, p. 243-243.

Motivo: Produção Corpo Clínico

Setor HMV: Quimioterapia

Área da saúde: Oncologia

Resumo: Background: Resillience is defined as the ability to successfully cope with change or misfortune, allowing a person or group to regain balance and keep going despite adversity and also to find meaning amidst confusion and tumult. It is a positive personality characteristic that enhances individual and group adaptation. Few data exists regarding its systematic evaluation in cancer patients. The objective of this study is to evaluate and describe resilience scores in a population of ambulatory solid tumors cancer patients receiving chemotherapy treatment.

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